Sunday, December 17, 2006

17th December 2006 : Pulau Hantu

Vis at Pulau Hantu was slightly better than last week. It was about 2-3m even though that the dive site was crowded again and the sky was overcast.

My dive buddy was Cynthia, a fellow wildfilms crew. And it was her first local dive.

But I had a quiet day. So here's what I have seen:

My FIRST Allied Cowrie! Underwater I meant (Had seen them without diving, at East Coast before). I know this pic is not good, but can you see the elongated bump on the Sea whip?

The only Flatworm I saw:

Managed to see a jorunna funebris, a gymnodoris alba and the chromodoris fidelis again.

Mmmm....don't know why but it seen that our Nemo (False Clown Anemonefish) were a bit camera shy(at least for my camera) today. See this? This one only shows me its fin!!!

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