Tuesday, January 10, 2006

8th January 2006 : Sudong Wreck

First wreck dive in Singapore water. The wreck is located between Pulau Sudong and Pulau Hantu. A black buoy was tied to its stern and is only divable when there is no strong current.

A sea fan on the the wreck.

Monday, January 09, 2006

24th December 2005 : Pulau Salu

Pulau Salu Dive. Where's Pulau Salu you might wonder? Pulau Salu is a small island located between south of Jurong island and North of Pulau Sudong. The vis is about 2m and the reefs are made up of huge soft and hard corals with a lot of fishes.

Flatworm – Two kinds here. Here’s one and the other was blue edge with a blue line in the center.

Tomato Anemone fish with Bulb-Tentacle Anemone – They are everywhere with each turn I took. Some even seen to have more than one ‘home’.

Corals – Hard & Soft. They are very very huge!

Sea Cucumber's poo – Saw this pile of 'dirt' on some hard corals. It was identified as the poo of some sea cucumbers.

PS: Some of you may find this entry familiar. This is because I just redo it from one of the entries on the other blog of mine.:P

A Photo Blog Of Our Not So Blue Sea

Basically, this will be a photo blog recording my dive trips in Singapore water. Been snapping underwater with my secondhand camera since acquired it in November 05.

However, still a long long way to go before shooting good pictures. So what you will be seeing here will be pictures that are still presentable :P.

So far, only been diving in Pulau Hantu, Pulau Salu and Sudong Wreck. Hope to explore more dive sites in the future.

Anyway, the blog is called Not So Blue Sea as you don't get to see BLUE sea in Singapore. Despite this, there are still a lots of fishes and other marine creatures that thrive our reefs. So I hope to 'capture' them as many as possible to show you the amazing stuffs that we have in our not so blue sea. :o)