Monday, March 20, 2006

18th March 2006 : Pulau Hantu

Back at Pulau Hantu with Reef Friends Xplore!.

Reef Friends Xplore! is a local waters dive guiding programme by the joint effort between Blue Water Volunteers, Hantu Bloggers and Gill Divers.

The programme aims to introduce/show local underwater marine life to divers, increase awareness and educate the public about marine conservation issues in Singapore.

Photos are from my second dive of the day because I forgot my camera on the first dive.

Nudibranchs : The ones with white bumps or blue/yellow bumps are phyllidia sp. The yellow one with black margin is glossodoris atromarginata.

Flatworms : There were lots of them. Crawling on the sea bed and corals.

Sea Urchin.

Mushroom Coral.

Fishes : There's a Freckled Goatfish and offen seen Copper-banded Butterflyfish.

Crinoids/Feather Sea Stars : Lots of them, in varities of colours, on the Sea Whips and Sea Fans. And there were some hiding under rocks crevices.

Hydroid : This innocent looking plant-like thing is actually an animal! It will give you a nasty sting and causes rashes that itch for months!