Sunday, December 10, 2006

10th December 2006 : Pulau Hantu

Dive with The Hantu Bloggers at Pulau Hantu this morning. It was a crowded day and the vis was about 1m (sometimes zero) today.

Didn’t encounter any new nudibranch today. Nonetheless, we still have the usual suspects.

Lots of jorunna funebris, pteraeolidia ianthina(Blue Dragon Nudibranch) and a gymnodoris alba.

A big flatworm.

An Ocellate Pipefish, False-clown and Tomato Anemonefish

Close up of a Fanworm.

Crinoid/ Feather Seastar hiding under a rock.

Corals, Corals and more Corals! Some with their tentacles out.

The pink ones look like little bouquet of flowers. The orange one (a boulder coral) is huge (a meter wide at least). For that size, It must be more than hundred years old (coral grows very slowly at about 1-2cm per year) and strong enough to go through the dramatic changes in our water quality all these years.

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