Monday, May 15, 2006

14th May 2006 : Pulau Hantu

Spent the last day of the long weekends diving with The Hantu Blogger at Pulau Hantu of course.

Here's what I saw;

Nudibranchs (Top-down) : Blue Dragon Nudibranch, flabellina sp, phyllidia sp, jorunna funebris.

It's the Ocellate Pipefish.

A little juvenile Harlequin Sweetlip.

A Tigertail Seahorse.

Coral Shrimp on a Sea Whip!

Crinoids/Feather Sea Stars.

There's the hard and soft corals. But sadly, some are bleaching.

And of course, the Tomato Anemonefish and False Clown Anemonefish.